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    Limitation for the export and the import of a sourcing template

    Michaël CAFFART Apprentice

      Hello everyone


      My team and myself are working on a pretty big sourcing template (More than 500 tasks)


      Until recently we were able to export the template to do some modification that are not made esaily on Ariba. We imported after the modified template without any issue.


      But since something like 2 weeks, we are not able anymore to import the template, instead we face an error message:


      "We're sorry, - a System Error has occured" with a reference number that change at each try (I am pretty sure it's just the ID of the error, hence the change at each fail)


      I already tried to contact the support and they are working on it


      However did it happens to someone else ? And if so, did you managed to fix the issue ?



      Thank you in advance.