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    Creating KPI Sections

    Christopher Banas Journeyman

      I'm sure this is basic and I have searched to try and find an answer with no luck. I am working in a test environment to learn the system and not muck about with production data. I have followed the instructions and created a KPI Library folder and now want to create sections to group my KPIs. The pdf I have been working with says the following:




      1. In a scorecard or KPI Library choose, This KPI will contain supporting data (KPI, questions, and/or requirements).

      2. Enter the KPI section name and description.

      3. Specify whether the KPI section will be visible to the supplier.

      4. Click Done.


      So I have created the Library and when I open it I do not have the choice stated in #1. The sections sound like folders but I don't know if I add additional folders in the Library to group my KPIs if I will be able to pull them in to scorecards. Would really appreciate it if someone could offer clarification.



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          B Aditya Master

          Hi Christopher,


          After you have created KPI Library folder in your Sourcing Library follow below steps:-


          1. Open your KPI Library folder and click on Action

          2. Choose Content Document.

          3. Enter Title of the Content Document and click Ok

          4. Now Add KPI

          5. And then select This KPI will contain supporting data (KPI, questions, and/or requirements).

          Once you select the above option this KPI will act as KPI section. Same option will available while creating it in scorecard. Hope this will help




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