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    How to load contract requests (CR) in contract module?

    Mangesh Thele Expert

      hi All

      Can someone help me to load contract terms using downstream. I am able to load contract workspaces successfully but unable to do so for contract terms. I am following below steps, let me know the correct procedure that I need to follow


      A. Steps for Loading Contract Workspaces

      i) prepare 4 csv files, contract.csv; contractteams.csv; ContractDocuments.csv; ImportProjectsParameters.csv and zip it together

      ii) Go to Manage - Administration --->project manager -->import legacy Contracts

      iii) Load this zip file

      This works perfect and contracts workspace gets created in Contract Module


      B) Steps for Loading Contract Requests (Contract Terms)

      i) Prepare 4 csv files i.e. Accounting.csv, ContractHeader.csv; ContractItemInformation.csv; TermPricing.csv and zip it together

      ii) Go to Manage - Core Administration --> Site Manager ---> Data Import/Export --->search for "Import Contracts in ZIP File"

      iii) Load this zip file under above task i.e. "Import Contracts in ZIP File"


      Job completes successfully but message says no records were created. when I search for Contract Request, I dont find

      Please note, I am manually inserting contract request # in  contractheader.csv under "BuyerContractID" . I am keeping few fields blank as well.


      please let me know if I am missing any steps or some fields are supposed to be mandatory