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    Sourcing Events with SAP ERP Master Data

    Matías Sapatta Apprentice

      Hi all,

      Is it possible to replicate master data (material master, purchasing org, purchasing group, etc) from SAP ERP into Ariba Sourcing? Then, is it feasible to use, instead of pre-loaded UNSPSC commodity codes, ERP material master in Sourcing Projects?

      Our customer wants to use their own material master in sourcing projects.


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          kirankumar12000 Journeyman

          Hi Matias,


          In almost all cases the below mentioned things are considered as master data for  Ariba sourcing and contracting where it is connected to the backend to ECC, and there is no material master in ariba like ECC(material basic data soted in MARA table) while creating event in sourcing system will ask you to enter discription of line item and there is no dropdown option to select other materials in ariba but if you check the attached screenshot you can identify the dropdown for commodity code

           Users

           Commodity Codes

           Currency Conversion Rates

           Units of Measure

           Suppliers

           Payment Terms

           INCO Terms

           Purchasing Units

          Hope this helps you