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    Event Status

    Manikantan S Expert


      I am creating a Sourcing Event, when I click Publish it is going to the status "Pending Publish Approval" but it is in approved status.

      Can anyone let me know the root cause for this.




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          David Morel Master

          your best bet is to contact support, they can access the actual event and see what might be going on.


          David Morel

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            Vignesh Sathiyanarayanan Master

            Hi Manikantan


            Hope below thread can help you to some extent !


            Sourcing Events Pending Publish Approval (https://knowledge.ariba.com/go2/1,,135925,00.html)



            Customer called because she has two events that need to be published, but are currently pending approval. The approval flow contains a group called Sourcing Approver, which contains only two contacts, both of whom have Ariba email addresses. The Sourcing Approver group cannot be edited and removed from the flow.


            A group in the approval flow contained no users.


            Follow these steps:

            1. 1.     Check the related group (Sourcing Approver) to see if there are any users or not.
            2. 2.     If there are no users in the group, then, add one.
            3. 3.     Act As the added user and approve the task.
            4. 4.     Now, events will be published.


            Case 1:: Events Stuck in "Draft" Status After Publishing (https://knowledge.ariba.com/go2/1,,127914,00.html)


            Events (Request for Proposal (RFP) and Auction) stuck in "Pending Publishing Approval".

            After reviewing the corresponding templates, I noticed that the Task exists, but is not required so I deleted the task as it is not required at Bed Bath & Beyond.

            The Events get stuck in "Draft" status after Publishing, even after deleting the task.

            Is there any parameter to be set ?


            Add ‘Application.ACM.Base.Data.AribaSystemAppUserEmailAddress = "noreply@ariba.com";’ in the parameter table.