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    Ariba SIPM integration with SAP ECC for Vendor Master Data

    Sameer Hegde Newbie




      We are trying to integrate Ariba SIPM with SAP ECC so that the Vendor Master Data can be created in SAP ECC post approval of Supplier in SIPM.

      The 14s release talks about integration via SAP MDG.



      Is there any standard way of integration between Ariba SIPM and SAP ECC without SAP MDG ?



      Any documentation on the integration (standard or custom) would be helpful.






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          yasir.ahmad@reedelsevier.com Journeyman

          Hello Sameer, you can achieve that now by Direct Connectivity OR Mediated connectivity via PI. Ariba has standard documentation related to this.

          The CSV files containing the master data are sent to the Ariba procurement solution system through SOAP messages as follows:

          The master data is compressed in a ZIP file and embedded in a SOAP message header.

          A proxy is called with the request header. If there are failures while trying to connect to the Ariba application, the retry is based on the time duration you configured.


          Ariba downloads master data from an SAP ERP system to the Ariba application through the SAP NetWeaver PI using SOAP messages. Mediated connectivity provides enhanced security while transferring master data from an SAP ERP system to an Ariba application system. Buyer organization can use either the shared secret or client certificate-based authentication.


          However, there are some limitations:-

          The integration of Ariba SIM with SAP ERP is not supported over Ariba Integration Tool Kit.

          Purchase organization, company code, and bank data from SAP ERP are not exported to Ariba SIM.

          Supplier organization must have users associated with its profile. Supplier organizations cannot be integrated with SAP ERP if the supplier user does not exist.

          Only one address per supplier is supported.

          Ariba SIM sends the full name to SAP ERP. SAP ERP splits the full name that is received from Ariba SIM into first name and last name. SAP ERP assigns the part before the first space in the name as the first name and the rest as the last name. If the first or last name exceeds 35 characters, Ariba SIM maximum allowed limit is of 35 characters.

          Integration between SAP ERP and Ariba SIM does not occur in real time. Integration events occur at scheduled intervals. Between two integration events, the supplier data in SAP ERP and Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management might not be synchronized.

          Ensure that you do not enter more than ten characters while creating the Login ID for Ariba users on the SIM platform.