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    migration of purchase orders into SAP ERP- Ariba scenario

    aribastudent Journeyman

      Hi Ariba practitioners

      Our scenario is SAP ERP - Ariba P2P Integrated one where Purchase orders are created in SAP ERP and pushed to Ariba for  Order collaboration

      and automation. And Invoices are created in Ariba Invoice Pro and after reconcillation, they are pushed to SAP ERP for payment processing.

      The middelware for integration is SAP PI with Ariba AN adapter.

      In nutshell, SAP ERP is the 'buyer' system and Ariba is 'seller' system.



      Data Migration

      As a part of the data migration for Purchase orders during cutover phase I have few questions.



      1.Legacy POs( POs from nonSAP system which will be retired post Ariba Go Live) which run into hudreds for a given business have to be brought into the new system.

      But how can wer use the 'export and import tool' offered by Ariba, as the POs have to come from ECC, the source system



      2. SAP ERP is already in use and we have to connect to SAP production system ( ultimately) to the new Ariba system.



      Can anyone suggest or describe the steps on how to migrate the legacy POs to the above scenario?

      Appreciate your help.