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    Questions on APC Integration with Oracle iProcurement Using Oracle Native XML Protocol

    Tristan Wendell Dioquino Newbie



      We are looking to integrate APC with Oracle iProcurement using Oracle native XML protocol and I just have some questions regarding around the configurations involved in setting up this interface.

      1. Does or can Oracle native XML punchout model include the following information during punchout request from Oracle iProcurement to APC, similar to when using SAP OCI protocol?

      - PurchasingUnit

      - DefaultCurrency

      - UserLocale


      2. Do we have Ariba documentation on the APC response with the shopping cart when integration with Oracle iProcurement using Oracle native punchout model?  Would like to understand what data elements are included in the response from APC to Oracle iProcurement.

      3. Also, are there any build effort required on the Oracle iProcurement side to process the response from APC? or is this automatically processed based on the Oracle iProcurement punchout catalog configuration?


      Appreciate your response on this.


      Many thanks,