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    Create Analytical Report: Count of Contract, RFx, and SPM per supplier

    Krishna Mohan Newbie

      Hello fellow ariba users,


      We use Ariba's upstream applications (Sourcing, Contracts, Suppliers) which comes with some "Analytics" - ability to use prepackaged reports or create an analytical report. I am new to Ariba and would love some help on how to create a particular report.


      I am trying to create a pivot table view of all the Suppliers (in rows) and count of Contracts Workspace (Procurement), Count of Sourcing Project, and Count of Supplier Performance Management Project (in each corresponding column). For example:

                          Contracts     Sourcing     SPM

      Supplier 1          4               3                  1

      Supplier 2          2               3                  -

      Supplier 3          1               -                  4


      Contracts, Sourcing and SPM require a "Supplier" when you create it, but I am unable to select the Main, Second and Third Fact to create a view like this. And Main Fact "Project" (which has the required Project Types of Contracts, SPM, Sourcing, etc) does not have the Supplier field!! Supplier 360 does not provide any reporting like this - which i think would be ideal!


      If you have created such a report or know how to do so, I would sincerely appreciate some help/ direction/ advice.

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          Ben Cooper Expert

          You won't be able to do this. That's because your trying to use the 'Project' fact table incorrectly. This table can give you some cross-project type data, but if you want to count the number of projects of a particular type, you will need the associated fact table, e.g. Contract Workspace (Procurement).


          You could do this per project type fairly easily. Run the Supplier Detail report, add in Contract Workspace (Procurement) in the secondary fact, add Project Count as a measure, remove all non-required columns, view in aggregate view. Save as a pivot or chart on your dashboard as something like '# of CW's by Supplier'. Repeat the process for SP's and SPM's.


          You could then add these individual reports to a compound report so with 1 click you can see them all.


          There may be another way, but this is the best option I can think of.