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    How to create a partial catalog?

    yue hao Master

      Dear helper,

           If I want to create a partial catalog, how can do the type definitions?

           In the <Ariba catalog format> product document, I find following descriptions:

           "An Ariba Procurement Solution uses cXML files called type definition files to define parametric search attributes and supplemental catalog attributes. Buying organizations can use type definition files to extend the catalog format and provide additional custom functionality."

            What's this mean? How can I use the type definition documents?

           Thank you.

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          Arshan.Bomanjee Master

          Hi Yue, I believe the Type Definitions functionality is only available to Ariba customer support. I myself did not find that option under Core Administration and upon checking with Ariba, was informed that this is only available to Ariba support.


          If you want to create a Partial catalog, you need to include TRUE under the "IsPartial" column in the CIF catalog template. Note that even when using a partial catalog, you will still need to specify information in the following three columns:


          Supplier Part ID

          Item Description

          SPSC Code / Classification Codes


          Parametric Search Type is a functionality that allows you to search for catalog items using predefined custom search parameters. This involves the use of Type Definitions.