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    Master Data Replication

    Sameer Ahmed Newbie

      Hi Experts,


      Just want to know how do we replicate the master data(material,user,company code, plant, e.t.c,) to Ariba from SAP ERP. A step by step procedure will be helpful.




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          Sandeep Jain Master

          Hello Sameer,


          If I understand it correctly then by replicating you mean to bring in/pull all the master data from SAP to Ariba. If yes, then there are couple of ways/channels to bring in/pull the master data from SAP/ERP to Ariba. Generally we use File Channel (ITK) or Web Services to pull the master data from SAP/ERP to Ariba. You can find more information about these channel/web services in Ariba Spend Management Configuration/Customization guide. Kindly refer it.



          Sandeep Jain

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