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    Export Multiple Addresses as part of Supplier Profile Export

    Gaurav Aggarwal Newbie

      Our client is looking to implement Ariba SIM to manage all vendor information, which then needs to be replicated in downstream ERP systems.


      A major requirement is to be able to store multiple addresses on the supplier profile, which is simple enough, and Ariba does allow you to store that information as part of the Supplier Profile. However, when we are looking to use the Supplier Profile Data export option through integration manager, we are not able to view the multiple addresses that are stored against the supplier profile, only the main address is available for export. We looked at different services, like organization IDs export, organization IDs with vendor keys export, however, none of these have any of the additional addresses that we had stored against the supplier profile.


      Please assist in letting us know if

      • Multiple addresses stored against the supplier profile can be exported in any way
      • If so, which is the service where I can look at this data, and in which column (if any)