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    Using Ariba Web-Services with Web-Service Security

    Samiullah Qureshi Apprentice

      Hi Ariba Experts,


      We are implementing Ariba-SAP integration using Ariba provided inbound(to Ariba) web-service. We have configured the Web-Service Security(Sign / Encrypt) with Ariba Web-services. To do this:


      • We are using SAP PO as Middleware
      • We have created an inbound end-point in Ariba using

                 Manage --> Administration -->  Integration Manager --> End Point Configuration

      • We have maintained Middleware's (EAI's) certificate in Inbound End Point
      • Configured the EAI for web-service security as following :

           For Request Message:

           1. Signing the message with EAI Private Key

           2. Encrypting the message with Ariba Public Key

           For Response Message:

           1. Validating the message with Ariba's Public Key

           2. Decryption the message with EAI's Private Key


      All Configuration seems fine. However, everytime we call the web-service, we get following error:


      " java.io.IOException: invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML; HTTP 500 Internal Server Error"


      Please suggest if anyone else has faced such issues with Ariba web-services or have any idea about the issue.