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    Need to remove multiple users from different groups.

    Milind Sidh Journeyman

      I need to remove multiple users from different groups, keeping the groups with remaining users as it is in Ariba. I don't want to completely remove the groups. I know one way to do this is open the group in UI and remove the users by unselecting them from the list.


      But since there are 8000 users which needs to be updated, I want to do it via batch import or any other process which requires minimal manual effort. We are using Ariba FPC for APC, so I believe we need to do this in parent realm.



      Please suggest. Its urgent, because I need to perform this activity in test first and then in production after successful completion in test.

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          Vijay Vedula Expert

          Hi Milind,


          You may want to use "Import User Group Mapping" data import task. It reads the data from the following files:


          - UserParentGroup.csv

          - GroupSharedUserMap.csv


          If you run the Import User Group Mapping task using the Update Only import operation, all existing group/user mappings for the groups in the UserParentGroup.csv file are replaced by the mappings in the GroupSharedUserMap.csv file

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              Milind Sidh Journeyman

              Thanks Vijay for sharing the information. Could you please provide me more elaborate details. I was told that I have to be careful otherwise I could end up deleting all the groups or the users which need not to be removed from other groups. I am doing this for the first time so I don't want myself in an embarrassing situation by doing it incorrectly.


              If you have any documentation for the same it would be really helpful.


              Suppose I have 5 groups (Category Manager, Sales Contract Manager, Sourcing Approver, Internal Contract Manager, Sourcing Manager).


              Now I want to remove 5 users 2 each from - Category Manager, Sales Contract Manager and 1 from Sourcing Manager. I don't want to delete this groups completely as I have other users which are aligned to these groups. So how should I do it.


              I can see 3 options while I run User Group Map batch import that are 1) Update Only  2) Update Details & 3) Remove Details.

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                  Nadeem Ahmed Master

                  Hi Milind,


                  You will have to export the user group files from Ariba as mentioned by Vijay. To do this, please follow the below steps:

                  -Click on Core Admin->Data export import and then search for user group. You will find the user group related csv files as mentioned in the above response. Open these files in excel and then you will find the different users with different user groups. You will have to edit the file and upload this using the import user group mapping task. Once the import is successful, you can see that now the users for which you had removed the groups from the csv file will no longer have those groups assigned. Please do it in the test realm and if you are happy with the results then use the same file to import in the production environment.


                  Hope this helps.



                  Nadeem Ahmed