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    How to create "Anonymous Events" in Ariba?

    Elodie HERRMANN Newbie

      Hello all,


      I'm requiring your help to know if there is a way to create "Anonymous Events" in Ariba?

      By "Anonymous Events" I mean that the suppliers participating to the events don't know the name of the company organizing the event.


      Thanks in advance for you help,



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          Sourabh S Expert

          Hi Elodie,


          Yes that can be configured through editing messaging/email templates. User/admin should have appropriate roles and permissions for the same.


          Out of curiosity, why is there such a requirement ?


          - Sourabh

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            David Morel Master

            No, this is not possible. They will know the name of the buyer organization requesting they participate in the sourcing event. You can hide the name in a Discovery post, but not in a Sourcing Event.


            I too am interested in the use case you are wanting to solve with this capability, can you share?


            David Morel

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                Christian Beyermann Newbie

                Hi David,

                thanks for sharing the answer.

                However, taking the anonymity level one step back: Is it possible to hide the name of the project owner in a sourcing event?

                There are ways to suppress the name in the email content by removing the email variables, but in the email address and in the event content the project owner's name is always revealed.

                The business requirement behind this is rather simple: Our customer does not want his procurement dept to be swamped with direct calls, but they want suppliers to use the built-in communication channels.

                Kind regards,