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    Create Sourcing Project from Requisition

    Neelanarayanan Perumalpillai Master

      Hi Ariba Experts,


      We are exploring the possibilities of Creating Sourcing Project from Requisition. As per the Ariba documentation if the users are having "Procurement Project Creator" group then user will be able to create Sourcing Project from Requisition. I have following issues / questions related to this.


      1. We are not able to create the Quick Sourcing Project from requisition and its throwing the error message "You can only add a documents to full sourcing projects".
      2. There are no linkage of of Sourcing Project once it has been created (Full Project & Quick Project) back to the requisition.
      3. "Add to Project" is also not working and its throwing the error "Please select a destination folder"


      Sourcing Project to Requisition links are working only when we create the "Procurement Work space" from Requisition.


      Any thoughts.


      Thanks & Regards,