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    About scoring and team grader

    Ana Bescansa Expert

      Hi guys,


      I´m trying to use scoring for award a RFP Project and I have three main doubts:


      • First of all is I´m trying to add in the team tab of my RFP one group called "team grader", and then set up the "review for team grader" task. I´m able to set the task but I can´t find any group called "team grader". So I have no people associated in this task.


      • When I have a team grader for taking a decision and I set up the "review for team grader" task, my team is able to make decisions but only when due date of the RFP is over. It would be posible to set the same task and grade the participants when every supplier answer the RFP and the due date is not over?


      • The other problem I have is about scoring when use pre-grading. In the content of a Project, I  give lot of weight to the questions and less to the line ítem price of a product. Due to this if one supplier answer with good price but a really bad answer to the questions and another just bacwards, I supose  when you create a scenario with the main goal of "maximize score" the winner would be the supplier with the best answers even he is more expensive. But I´ve been trying for a long time and every scenario I´ve made is awarded to the best price bid always.


      Many thanks for everything!!



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          David Morel Master

          First question, are you using a full project or a quick project? 

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            David Morel Master

            Using graders in a Full project is a bit different. See the information below I copied from Ariba Connect.  Grading is limited to after the event has closed.  And lastly, the optimization feature to Maximize Scoring only takes the item grades into consideration, none of the content grades. 


            To create a review for the team grading task in full project, follow these steps:

            • Go to Manage > Template > Create a new version of the template.
            • On the Documents tab, create an event or click the previous event and, then, create the Review for Team Grading task.
            • Add a reviewer for the task (this can be a single person or a group from the Team tab) and click OK to create the task.
            • On the Overview tab, click Actions > Publish to make the new version of the template available.

            When creating a new full sourcing project from this template, the request for information (RFI) event will already have a Review for Team Grading task associated with it, making the Enable blind grading rule appear to enable it.

            • Create a full project using that template.
            • Go to the event under project > Edit.
            • Go to Rules page > Bidding rules > set the Enable blind grading rule to yes.
            • Go to Content page > Provide the Scoring.
            • Go to Summary page.
            • On the Overview section, click Actions > Edit.
            • Actions > Edit Grader's Weight.
            • Update/publish the event accordingly.

            Once the event goes into the pending selection state, submit the Review for Team Grading task. After task submission, the reviewer gets the notification to review this event. They must log in to the system from the email link. It takes the grader directly to the Grading task page. After clicking the event name > Grade, the grader can grade the event by either of the options.

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                Ana Bescansa Expert

                First of all, thank you very much David for your knowledge. However Istill have doubts about your answers. I may wrote the questions in a wrong way.



                • In the first point, I would like to have a group of grader reviewers with the funtion of"team grader" but I couldn´t find a group with a funtion called like this. My goal will be créate a group of grade reviewers with the funtion of "team grader" and depend on the Project one guy from this group will be the reviewer or another.Basically it will depend on commodities or whatever I choose.Would be posible in any way?



                • I understand grading is only after due date.Instead I would like to have a task with grade reviewers before this date because I would like to grade my suppliers answers  and if I don´t like them be able to communicate the suppliers  my preferences so they can change they answers  before the due date.  Would be posible in any way?



                • To sum up, I understand the scoring issue. You are not able to award a RFP to a supplier only for having the best scoring if he hasn´t the best Price.


                Thank you again.



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                    David Morel Master

                    You are welcome. 


                    What you do is create a group in your template, call it Grader. Use the team rules file to add the user you want to that group based upon your header values. Setup the event in the template with a review for grading task and the "Grader" group as the reviewer for the task.


                    As for the grading and providing feedback, you would have to grade after close, provide feedback, then re-open the event or create a follow-on project.


                    Support or if you have Best Practice Center hours can assist you in the above tasks...



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