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    Report Invoice/Credit Memo Create Date

    aileen.tuttle Newbie

      Within the Ariba Spend Management application, we've been unable to determine how to capture INV records (invoice and credit memo) in a Composing, or not Submitted, status with the Reporting Creator. Our discovery - the INV record must be in a Submitted status before the record can be reportable. Odd, but moving on...we have a need to capture the date and timestamp of when an INV record is created, as in the Create Invoice action is initiated. Has anyone been able to capture this field in their reporting?


      Thank you in advance for your help or suggestions.

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          Vignesh Sathiyanarayanan Master

          Hi Aileen,


          You can Include Invoice status field  in your report available from Invoice fact table and check whether what are all the status available with your system.

          Normally Invoice status doesn't include status that you are looking like composing or not submitted (Since Invoice are created from ASN/Hubwoo external system- here i don't see any logic for getting Invoice in Composing/Not submitted status ). Scope lies only on what are  all Invoice status field listed .


          You can make use of/ capture the time stamp fields in your Analytical report if it's predefined  with "Invoice" fact table.

          You can find list of available date fields with /Without time stamp  Under Manage -> Administrator ->Reporting Manager->Facts and Dimensions-> Invoice Summary


          If you are into On premise then there is chance of adding new field for Invoice created date with time stamp

          Hope this may help you to some extended




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            Dinesh Pathak Journeyman

            Hi Aileen,


            Sometimes when I need list of invoices available in system with in composing state, I follow below steps.

            By searching them in system.

            Hope this will help you.