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    Does ARIBA suits EPC project in oil and gas business?

    walter priotti Newbie



      I would like to understand whether ARIBA is a suitable tool when it comes to manage procurement for a large EPC contractor operating in the oil and gas industry.

      Is ARIBA able to provide the following:


      1) When I'm looking for a Supplier, am I able to see for each product category their application field?

      2) Once the order is placed, is ARIBA able to manage all hard and soft deliverables (material and documentation)?

      3) Can ARIBA implement a delivery schedule for each deliverable?

      4) Can it measure the progress for each deliverable?

      5) Is it able to provide KPI for each Supplier?

      6) Which performances the software is able to manage and is it possible to get them customised?

      7) Is there any tool built in to expedite Vendor activity?

      8) How about reporting: is it able to provide status of all Vendors + progress for each deliverable in real time?

      9) In case of a project, is the software able to manipulate all Vendor data to provide an overall progress/status pictures?

      10) Is there any module available to issue formal communication (instruction, queries, concession, ...) between buyer and seller?

      11) Can you provide a list of ARIBA Clients in the oil and gas industry?