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    Parent-Child Relationship in SIM

    Sandeep Sahota Newbie

      Dear all,


      We are in process of implementing the Ariba SIM module on Cloud. We want to understand what all options are available for parent-child relationship in SIM module & how many levels of hierarchy can be set up in it.


      Pls. share if any helpful documentation is available to understand it better.



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          mbpatil9 Novice

          HI Sandeep ,


          Back in April of this year  during the ariba live they did demo Parent-Child hierarchy would be feature available by Q3 of this year. Since it was a roadmap document they didn't share it with us. And there was no limit on the levels.


          Secondly i found something related to it on Contracts. Hope this helps.


          Even i am eagerly waiting for this features. Keep me posted of any findings please.


          How To Organizations -Parent-Child Acquisitions.pdf




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            Peter White Journeyman



            Parent-child relationship is available on the supplier record across all of the strategic procurement solutions (Sourcing, Contracts, SIPM) since some years.

            The parent child relationship is setup on the supplier record as shown in the pdf that MJ attached, there is also some information on it in 'Managing Supplier Organizations.pdf' in the product guides.  I'm not aware of any limitations in the depth of hierarchy that you can setup but the analytical reporting appears to support upto a maximum of 12 levels when drilling down on the Supplier (Organization Hierarchy) field in reports.


            A fully graphical view of the supplier organization hierarchy as part of a 360 degree supplier profile was shown at Ariba Live earlier this year as MJ pointed out.  This new supplier management solution is currently in limited availability for design partner customers, general availability still to come