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    Web Service to Create Sourcing Request

    Jack Fiesta Newbie



      I'm relatively new in Ariba system.


      I just wanted to ask if there's a web service we can call to create a sourcing request in Ariba?

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          Dinesh Pathak Journeyman

          Hi Jack,


          There is no web service which can be called to directly create sourcing request in Ariba.


          There are two ways which helps users to create sourcing request.


          1. Login to Ariba -> Create -> Sourcing request

          2. If Ariba system is integrated with SAP ECC system and RFQ is created in ECC and routed to Ariba - In this care as soon as RFQ document reaches to Ariba in cXML format, sourcing request is automatically created in Ariba system.(


          Please refer below screenshot for detail.