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    Attach a link or an attachment in punchout

    Frédéric Henri Expert



      I have a question on PunchOut Catalog - we would like to include a link or an attachment when a buyer user returns from our site (i.e. including this into the punch out_order_message)

      From the cXML dtd it looks we can include this but while testing on the Ariba Network test account :


      1. when including the link as


                <AttachmentReference version="1">

                  <Name xml:lang="en">test link</Name>

                  <Description xml:lang="en">description for test link</Description>





      the message is received correctly but the link is not displayed anywhere (even when I review the details of the order line item)


      2. when I include an attachment as












      Content-type: text/plain

      Content-ID: attachment@website.com

      This is just a text document - here will be the invoice pdf file



      When the cxml message is received into Ariba Network, I get an error and it complains about the part after <cXML> tag


      My basic question is if its possible to include an attachment or a link as part of the message returned from the punch out site into Ariba P2P and if so (in case of link for example) how it will render into Ariba P2P