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    Cant approve a new supplier after I have made changes to the SPQ

    Prakriti Priya Novice

      I updated the Supplier Profile Questionnaire, I added some new questions and update others, once I know these are working in the test site I will be require to make them in the live site.

      I "ok" the changes and published the template.

      Done nothing different to what I've done before.

      I then created a test supplier via the test self-registration link to make sure the questions were pulling through for the supplier – these worked fine.

      As the supplier I submitted the SPQ.

      I then logged back on as me to approve this new supplier and I get the following message:

      "You must complete all predecessor tasks before you can start the approval task for new supplier organisation"

      Can you let me know what this means – as I can't approve this supplier.

      I've done this 3 times now and I cant approve any of my test suppliers.



      Does changing the template has anything to do with any further prerequisite?