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    Partial Award Scenario- Sourcing

    Sandeep Sahota Newbie

      Dear all,


      We are in process of implementation of sourcing module and we want to understand the available functionality of partial awarding in sourcing module. Any documentation will help us to understand the concept of partial award in Ariba. For example, if we want to award out of 100 quantity only 50 to a vendor and rest I want to award to same vendor later on. Do I need to open a new project to award remaining 50 quantities or we can use same event to award remaining quantity? Can we track the quantity awarded, quantity remaining and other details.



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          Dinesh Pathak Journeyman

          Hi Sandeep,


          You can utilize partial award functionality of Ariba sourcing module.



          Once you receive RFP/Auction responses from suppliers and event status is 'pending selection', open the event and navigate to 'Scenario' tab ->Create ->Manual Scenario ->All content section -> Total section -> Advance Award.  Then enter the % which you want to award to supplier.




          Later you award remaining % to same or different supplier/Participants.


          Let me know you if have any further issue on this.