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    Notification task for supplier responses

    Lalith Kumar Nimmala Expert

      Hi Exchange,


      A sourcing project owner needs to receive notification when supplier respond to a sourcing event. How can we set up this notification task?



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          Dinesh Pathak Journeyman

          Hi Lalith,


          Ariba Sourcing addresses and sends automatic notifications according to pre-programmed rules. You can change their content, but you cannot stop the system from generating them, nor alter to whom the system sends them.


          Notification is set at templates level, You use the event template Summary section to review the template settings When you are satisfied, click Exit and then return to project. There are three actions you can take:


          ● Edit Overview

          ● View Publish Approval Task

          ● View Team Grading Task

          ● Customize Messages

          ● Print Event Information



          The Customize Messages page enables you to select one of the standard notification messages and change the subject line and content.


          Hope this will help you.



          Thanks a lot.

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            Oliver Stow Apprentice

            Hi Lalith,


            We had the same issue of wanting to receive notification once a supplier submits a response. The only way we were able to achieve this was by enabling envelopes as standard for all sourcing events. We just use one envelope for the suppliers entire response.


            If you use an envelope in your RFx the project owner is notified as soon as a bid is submitted. We don't need the envelope mechanic for any other purpose (it makes you select all the suppliers and then open the envelope once the event closes) but the pay off of being notified was worthwhile for us to implement.


            I'd be interested if there's a way of receiving these notifications without having to use an envelope as that would make for a much cleaner experience from our end.