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    I need to be notified of when suppliers submit first answer to SPQ

    Gonçalo Figueiredo Newbie

      Hi everyone.


      1. Facts

      • I need to create suppliers with the unapproved status;
      • I (customer-user) am not notified of suppliers' first answer to the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ).


      2. Tried solution

           I thought that the only way to create this automatic notification was to create a task in the Supplier Workspace Template with the following configurations:

      Task FieldMy configuration
      Due date0 days after parent phase starts (i.e., the day in which the supplier is created)
      Notification days1 day before due date
      Notification frequencyOnly once
      Should Auto-start Scheduleticked
      Requires manual completionticked
      Start dateTemplate
      ConditionsLinked to a condition that is True when a field in the SPQ is not null (i.e., when it is filled with an answer)



      3. Results

           I found that the notification task works when it is triggered. In other words, the condition works and the notification is sent.

           Nevertheless, the only way that the notification is triggered is by entering the task through Edit and leave it (even if with no edit done).

           This obviously defeats the purpose.


      Can someone tell me how to configure the task, or any other way that allows me to have such an automated notification system of suppliers' first answer to the SPQ?