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    Shareef Mohammad Master

      Hi Experts,


      Can anyone give me the query to extract Approver's (who approved the requisition) unique name.




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          Shaaer Hassan Expert

          Either you can filter the query using the State field of ApprovalRequests

          or by filtering ApprovalRecord




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            PreethiKencha Expert


                Requisition.UniqueName AS RequisitionNumber,

                Requisition.Requester.Name AS Requester,

                Requisition.Requester AS RequesterBaseID,

                Requisition.Name AS RequisitionTitle,

                Requisition.SubmitDate AS SubmitDate,

                Requisition.ApprovedDate AS ApprovedDate,

                Requisition.TotalCost.ApproxAmountInBaseCurrency AS RequisitionTotal,

                Requisition.TotalCost.AmountInReportingCurrency AS RepRequisitionTotal,    

                Requisition.StatusString AS StatusString,

                ApprovalRequests.Reason AS Reason,

                ApprovalRequests.State AS ApprovalState,

                ApproverRole.Name AS ApproverName,

                Approver AS ApproverNameBaseID,

                ApprovedBy.Name AS ApprovedByName,

                ApprovedBy AS ApprovedByNameBaseID



                JOIN ariba.approvable.core.ApprovalRequest USING ApprovalRequests

                LEFT OUTER JOIN ariba.user.core."User" AS ApprovedBy USING ApprovalRequest.ApprovedBy

                LEFT OUTER JOIN ariba.user.core.Approver AS ApproverRole USING ApprovalRequest.Approver

            WHERE ApprovalRequest.State  = 8   --- will give you all approved records , state = 2 gives you active approver ready to approve

                 Requisition.UniqueName = 'PR2729937'



            hope this helps

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