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    Customer story to share

    Vineeth Nalla Newbie

      Good day! Hope you find my email well.


      My company have Ariba Sourcing deployed. I am leading an initiative to further the usage and use more of the standard functionality. i.e. collaboration etc. I would like to know any of your story, success or failure, in implementing a full blown Ariba Sourcing module. Story that might contain but not limited to:

      • what Ariba Sourcing are you utilizing?
      • what are you using it for? i.e. are you using it for all commodity or limited to a few.
      • how many users?
      • a high level summary/description of your process highlighting the use of user groups, templates etc.
      • lessons learned on your implementation


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.


      I am using one of my team members account as I cannot remember my credentials. So would appreciate if you can send your reply via email to dlaceda@tycoint.com



      Dennis Laceda