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    SIM Integration with SAP ERP using RESTful API

    Tristan Wendell Dioquino Newbie



      We are planning to integrate our Ariba SIM with SAP ERP using Ariba RESTful Web Service API using data-only JSON data representation.

      Both Supplier Basic Profile and Extended Profile must be sent from SIM to SAP ERP via this interface.

      Appreciate if you can help clarify the following:

      1. When a supplier is created in SIM and data sync relationship is establish with the supplier (with AN), a supplier profile update notification to sent to the Ariba Network peding queue.  Does this only happen when 1- the Supplier workspace in Ariba SIM has been approved AND 2 - the supplier integration feature is enabled for the supplier in SIM (Integration = Enabled in Organization Profile page)?  We want to make sure that ONLY approved suppliers in SIM should be sent via the interface.

      2. In case the profile updates are made available in AN pending queue without having the Supplier workspace fully approved in SIM, would it make a difference if we only enable the Supplier Integration feature AFTER the supplier workspace has been fully approved so that it will send the profile update notification to AN Pending only upon approval of supplier workspace in SIM?

      3. Does the above scenarios also apply to supplier's extended profile in SIM (SPQ) such that SPQ information is sent to the Pending Queue only after supplier workspace is fully approved in SIM?


      We initially considered using Direct/Mediated connectivity integration method for this but Extended Profile (SPQ) is currently not supported with this method.


      Many thanks,